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Do you know Karrada district in Iraq?

It is a commercial area located east side of Tigris River in Baghdad. Many Jewish and Christians resided there in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Jewish were deported after the country governance shifted from monarchy to a republic. In the 1940’s, the area had developed as a high-class residential area in Baghdad. In the early to mid-20th century, many mosques and churches were constructed as citizen wished to foster further regional development. The community development ran smoothly, and many shopping malls and markets were constructed alongside the main street. The area is always crowded with people.
On July 2, 2016, around 1 a.m. midnight, the place was crowded with many shoppers who were to celebrate the Eid holiday making the end of Ramadan in a few days. They avoided a blistering daytime heat of over 45 Celsius and went out once cooler at night.
The moment came when people were enjoying cooling down and shopping. The blast came suddenly from a truck, and the buildings were engulfed in flames in a minute wiping out people, buildings and everything. Lives of children, women, elderly and even pre-born child were lost without mercy. Between 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. before sunrise, everything was burned to ashes. The scene was a catastrophic disaster. In sunlight, the place seemed totally different from the previous day.
People in Iraq were shocked, appalled, mourned, and frightened by this incident. Who could imagine that a bomb blast from only one truck would destroy everything? What the explosive was all about had been analyzed by professionals and witnesses of this disaster. What is known for sure is that those lost will never come back. 500 deaths and 300 injured, and many of the people remain unidentified. Excited children with their parents to buy a new clothes for Eid Holiday, young people celebrating their graduation with their family and friends, and many people happened to be there, were all victims.  How can we keep ourselves together? People are filled with sorrow and anger.
When will the world direct their attention to this tragedy in Iraq?

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