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Building the capacity of new leaders

JEN aims for the world in which people are able to stand on their own feet and have power to face/manage/solve their own problems. Implementing a project is one method, but another way is by building the capacity of local staff so that they will hopefully become active leaders for the betterment of their own country.

Over 1 year and 8 months since JEN opened an office in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, we have seen positive changes and growth in local staff.
One example is a change of attitude of national staff towards beneficiaries. When JEN was distributing Hygiene kits for people in IDP camp, one of the local staff asked if he could give out an extra kit because he felt “sorry” for certain families due to their personal situations. However, doing so out of pity would have not only degraded dignity of those families but also lost fairness and equality of JEN’s support. When it happened, JEN’s international staff (=non-local staff) explained and thought with national staff why it was not appropriate to do so.
Now the staff understands the nature of JEN’s work (which is to “support” people with dignity and not to “save” people with pity), and able to make decisions in professional manner rather than in emotional manner without guidance.

This is just one of the small examples of positive growth of local staff, but when those small changes cumulate, it becomes a power to create big change, for the world in which JEN is no longer needed.

Madoka Matsumoto

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August 18, 2016 in Iraq |