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Voice from Mursal Dor Mohammad ,student at the project area (school) 

Name: Mursal Dor Mohammad
Age: 12 years
Class: 6th
School: Hofyan Sharif Girl’s High School

When I got admission in Hofyan Sharif Girl’s High School first grade, the school was in a rental home which had 3 rooms and 6 tents. The rent was paid by local community.  Our classroom was in a tent which did not have chairs and desks. We sat on plastic mat.

That rental house has one latrine which was unhygienic and school staffs were storing water in a GI-sheet drum and there was not enough water if a student wants to wash hands after defecation. This was the time that my parents decided to leave school and study at home but I want that no I have to study there together with my friends.

Based on these problems the school administration suggested to DoE to construct school building but DoE rented another house which is better than the previous one but with same WASH facilities problems, same water storage problem, lack of water for hand washing and only one latrine for big number of students.

We are still studying in this school but luckily in 2015 your NGO (JEN) came here for survey and we were hopeful that it is the time that we will have a safe school environment with WASH facilities.

Every day when I come to school I look to the new school construction site which gives me happiness and dreaming that one day I will study in that new building which look like beautiful scenery. It is not just that I am happy it is it that all my friends and community people are happy and optimistic for their children future.

[Mursal while interviewing]

[Mursal in the classroom]

In the end of the interview she smiled and said “We will have new classrooms, water well, new latrines along with Washroom, and boundary wall”. She added that I hope those children who are not going to school will be motivated to attend the school too.I am so pleased to say thank you so much for constructing our school facilities.

By: Najibullah”Khalilzai”
Senior Engineer

July 28, 2016 in Afghanistan |