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Provision of Rubble Removal Services in Aso City

In the city of Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, where roughly 2,000 homes were affected by the earthquake, reconstruction efforts continue centered mainly on locals working with various humanitarian organizations.

Houses and family business attached to homes deemed to have been more than partially destroyed are now being demolished funded by public money.

However, efforts to demolish the many buildings that do not fit into the above criteria, such as abandoned houses with high risk of collapse, regular businesses, and sheds, are at a standstill. Lesser known are the landslides that are also affecting the area due to loosened soil after the earthquake.

Despite Aso locals and humanitarian groups working together to address these issues, many tasks are left undone due to a lack in manpower.

【JEN lends out vehicles and heavy machinery】

JEN began lending rubble removal vehicles and equipment to local disaster relief groups in the area in mid-July.

【Landslides affecting crops and neighborhoods】

Landslides are pushing sediment down into the crops and houses of Aso locals.

【Over 70 people helped in demolition efforts】

Several days ago, a local Shinto shrine was demolished at the request of a local priest. On the day of, the priest and locals worked together to delegate tasks, BIG UP Ishinomaki, a local organization centered on reconstruction efforts following natural disasters, worked as the safety manager and lead procedures, while volunteers came together to complete the demolition.

While it will take a while for the shrine to be rebuilt, JEN will continue to support the reconstruction efforts of the committed locals of Aso City.

July 21, 2016 in Kumamoto |