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Ramadan ends soon, but heat continues…

Now here in Kurdistan, it is in the midst of Ramadan. During daytime when Muslim people fast, the temperature hovers around 40 degrees Celsius.

When windows are opened, heated air is going through. Electricity is frequently cut so that generator has supplied electricity more than a half of the day. Air conditioner cannot be used when generator is operated. This huge water cooler, which can be powered by generator, is a must-have item in Kurdistan.


This water cooler provides cold air by vaporization heat. It seems like better for health than air conditioner but it is not cool enough compared to air conditioner.

The problem is night. Water cooler is not installed in bedrooms and the second floor where bedrooms are located is hotter than the first floor due to the heat from the roof. The amazing solution local staff suggested are; put soaked mattress on the roof and sleep there, or take cold shower with your clothes on and sleep. One of colleagues sleeps by wrapping herself up in soaked sheet.

This heat continues for a while, but Ramadan ends around on 4th July. One of staff met a cute sheep on the street.


When staff left the shop, it has been already killed for dinner…

For Eid holiday after Ramadan, the preparation of celebration has been ongoing here.

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