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First Birthday Party

Today, we would like to introduce Sri Lankan culture that celebrates children.

Gorgeously celebrating child’s first birthday is a common practice in Sri Lanka. It is similar to Japanese “Shichi Go San” event, a celebration of child’s third, fifth and seventh birthdays. Last weekend, Mr. Sutharson, who is a technical officer, invited JEN’s staff in Sri Lanka Office to his son’s first birthday party.

Approximately 50 people joined the party. There were not only family members but also colleagues from work. The party started with pouring a tray full of traditional sweets called Kolukkadai, pens, notebooks, a car key, money, etc.  from the top of the birthday child’s head.

[The act of pouring Kolukkadai to birthday child’s head]

[Thinking which one to pick]

After that, a slide show of the child’s first year of life was shown on a screen, sharing his progress with people at the party. The slide show was full-scale with music, similar to the ones shown at Japanese wedding parties.

Then, the birthday boy entered the stage driving a toy car, and took photos with his  relatives and friends from the neighborhood. Three professional photographers and movie cameramen were hired to record the party.

After cutting a cake and making it through photo shoots, all attendees had a meal together and the party ended.

[Mr. Sutharson’s son enters the stage driving a toy car]

[Party venue]

It was a three-hour party. All the family prepared for their son’s special event. We felt that their relatives, neighbors, people in their communities, and colleages all celebrated and supported the child’s growth.

Sri Lanka suffered many years of civil war. However, an event like this may be a sign suggesting community bond is back.

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July 7, 2016 in Sri Lanka |