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Construction of New Qalacha school building

Qalacha Sokhta village is located in Charikar district and in 2015 JEN did need assessment and technical survey here for 2016 year WASH program. As a survey team member I conducted survey here. During the survey I realized and noted lots of problems of this school. suddenly I faced with Principle of Qalacha girls high school by name of Bebi Amena.

She was interested to talk with me in giving detail about her school. She explained their problems of students, teachers and school. She explained the problem which they have faced during her duties as Principle. I recorded their all needs and problems such as no facility of school building, boundary wall, safe drinking water, hygienic latrines and water storage. At the moment girls students are using the Qalacha boys high school building for their educational activities.

The Qalacha Boy’s high school where we are temporary studying also have no enough class rooms for girls students. Students of 6 classes sets under old tents and veranda and some students sets under trees to carry on their study. I said to her that, what will be your and your community cooperation and contribution in this regard. She said if JEN promised to build a schools for the needy and deserving students, I am agree to donate land for construction of school.  She looks extremely happy when she realized that JEN is going to give them a big pleasure by constructing the schools which was out of his expectation. She said that I by myself and my entire villager will cooperate and contribute as much we can as your organization is going to support us to build our school and protect students and teachers from sun shine, unhealthy water, wind, rain and pollution.

After we got approval of the project and I went back for the construction site layout. I faced Mrs. Bebi Amena again. She was in hurry to reach me, when she got face to face with me; she warmly welcomed me. When she knew that JEN is going to construct their school, it was simply unbelievable for her. She said, it is my last surprise that I met you once again. With your support and now I am feeling that my dream turn into a reality. Today I am so happy that mine and my community residents’ dream came true.

On the day of opening ceremony Bebi Amena was so happy and much thankful to JEN organization and JEN’s colleagues in the site. She lay down foundation stone with other school management committee members. She said I am very happy because next year I will have more students because of new building.

From the date we started construction activities in Qalacha Girls high school she come for observing construction projects daily basis. She thanks JEN again and again for constructing the schools for the deserving students of the area.

[Currently Qalacha Girls high schools students are studying under trees and tent sheet]

[Observation of new school building location by Bebi Amena the principle of Qalacha Girls high school]

[Laying of foundation stone by Bebi Amena (left), the principle of Qalacha girl’s high school with a teacher]

[Laying of foundation stone by SMC and community member]

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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