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Spreading the hygiene education and Disaster Risk Reduction messages to the community through School Management Committee

JEN is committed to bring positive changes in the hygiene habits, attitude and behavior of the people in its targeted area. For this purpose JEN mainly focuses on students but beside that JEN also aims to spread the messages to the masses and change the attitude and behavior of local people. This year’s JEN included Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) along with hygiene education (HE) program to aware the students and local community about the methods and techniques survive through the disasters.

For more and widespread impact, JEN plan to train the School Management Committee (SMC) members on hygiene education and DRR. After getting trained these SMC members will not only implement the knowledge to their daily lives but they will also spread the messages to their respective families and communities.. SMC is the best tool for spreading the messages in the entire communities in an easy, efficient and effective way.

As mentioned above JEN planned to train SMC members on hygiene education as well as Disaster Risk Reduction. For this purpose JEN organized training on hygiene education for SMCs. The training will be conducted to SMCs of 30 schools in district Charikar. Hygiene education training was started on May 17th 2016. The trainings will be completed on June 14th 2016.

Apart from that JEN organized Disaster Risk Reduction training for SMCs of 20 schools in district Charikar. The training sessions were started on May 16th 2016 and completed on June 9th 2016. SMCs will be responsible for reinforcement of DRR education at school and community levels. JEN staff will follow up the role and progress of SMCs. A follow up training for SMCs will also be conducted. At the end of the project JEN will give plan of action to the SMCs to continue their role after JEN evacuation. In addition JEN will link SMCs with Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) for future trainings and follow up by the government department. This mechanism will ensure sustainable integration of the DRR education into schools and community. 

Keeping in mind the experiences of previous years, JEN is sure that these SMC members will not only adopt this knowledge into their daily lives but they will definitely pass it to their families and community.

[JEN field team giving training on Hygiene education to the SMC members at Hofyan Sharif Boys Middle School on 19-May-2016]

[A view of SMC members during DRR training sessions at Omer Farooq  Boys High School on 08 to 09-June-2016]

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