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Transition towards Peace in Khyber Agency, FATA

As of May 3, 2016 total 112,022 families have returned to Khyber agency including 40,094 unregistered families. All the main tribes of Khyber Agency like Sipah, Shalober, Zakha khel, Malik din Khel, Qambar Khel, and Aka Khel have returned except few in Tirah valley and Sher Khel tribe.

As a result of the long unrest in the area, almost all infrastructures like roads, hospitals, schools, government buildings and houses of the populations are damaged either completely or partially. Majority of the families have lost their livelihood sources. The lands are barren, livestock have died or have fled to the mountains and become wild, shops and markets are severely damaged. The people are once again facing difficult circumstances. However this time they are hopeful as they have returned to their homes now. They are feeling secure in their villages. Many of them have plans to restart their own means of living. They are struggling in the agriculture and livestock sectors to resume their dignity.

A number of national and international organizations are already there along with the government departments to support them. Some organizations including JEN have applied for project NOC to the FATA secretariat and are hoping to start their projects soon. These organizations are working in different sectors like protection, education, NFIs, health, WASH, Nutrition, Food security and Livelihood etc.  With support from government and humanitarian actors, the people of Khyber Agency are very hopeful to restart their normal living as before crisis. They believe that their commitment with lives and livelihoods will transform eventually into a sustainable peace in Khyber Agency.

[Damaged house in Khyber Agency]


[Agricultural land rehabilitated in Khyber Agency]

[Community based water reservoir for irrigation]

[Community receiving Agriculture tool kit]

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