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Journey from the Beginning to the End of Life

Today, I would like to talk about enjoying life until the last breath. I think that it is good timing to brace yourself for sorrow or death when you are young and healthy. I decided to talk about this topic this time because I recently encountered the sudden death of a JEN Afghanistan Project Officer, Syed Enayat Ullah.

He served with JEN for 14 years from March 2002, when he started working as a field officer at the Charikar office, to his last moment on 18 March 2016.


(Photo) Syed Enayat Ullah

Having been diagnosed as having renal failure, he headed to Karachi (the capital of Sindh province of Pakistan) to receive living renal transplantation.
The last time I saw him, he looked good. But actually, both of his kidneys were not functioning. Two weeks before his death, he was working as usual and cheerfully having a chat. This unexpected news shocked all staff.

Yet, death comes to everyone eventually. Every now and then I wonder whether mental preparedness to positively accept death may relieve some of the sorrow that we feel. I would like to be prepared like that to stay calm for myself and my loved ones even when something happens.

Samar Butt
Finance & Accounts Assistant
Islamabad Office

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