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JEN Started to Provide Bath Services

There are still people in shelters in Higashi Ward unable to take a bath due to various reasons. Therefore, JEN prepared a vehicle equipped with shower facilities and started providing soothing shower services to such evacuees.

On that day, we set up a portable shower room on the rooftop of an evacuation center, which used to be the office building of Egao, a healthy food company.


First, bath users went through medical examination interview conducted by nurses. After measuring blood pressure and body temperature, nurses asked for their individual physical conditions to make sure that their bodies are functioning normally and check if special assistance is needed.


↑We got two volunteers from Egao to help us. A nursing stuff is giving lectures to them.


↑Measuring blood pressure and body temperature

After the medical examination, we provided every bath user with a set of shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and towel.


↑We received donations of shampoos, conditioners and so on from ALBION, a cosmetics producer.

Time to go to the shower room! JEN’s staff member drives those who have difficulties walking up to the rooftop.



While people are in the shower, we were standing by outside in case they need any assistance.

↓JEN’s staff and volunteers


Some evacuees told us they had lacked the chances to take a bath for a long time after the earthquake, except washing hair once at a hair salon. The late-coming first shower made them gleeful.

We delivered ALBION’s donation products like shampoos to those living in the shelter as well as others in need. They were very pleased by the prompt supplement.



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May 2, 2016 in Kumamoto |