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JEN Provides Necessary Goods for Egao

Early this May, nearly 300 evacuation shelters have been consolidated into 22 base shelters in the city of Kumamoto. However, quite a few people have not yet left their original shelters, since they were unwilling to share new shelters with strangers or to live far from home. As a result, many of the shelters that were supposed to be canceled remain unclosed.

One of the shelters is located in the building that used to be the office building of Egao, a health food company. JEN has been offering an on-site bath service to this shelter. Besides, recently we also provided aid supplies to help evacuees alleviate the inconvenience of their evacuation lives.

One of the major difficulties is the lack of hot water. Among the total of fifty evacuees living in the shelter, there is only one electric hot-water pot. It is not sufficient for them, for example, to prepare cup noodles. Thus, you can see queues of people waiting in front of the pot, or the pot becoming empty quickly. In order to improve this situation, we provided two extra hot-water pots.


What’s more, the changing weather also causes problems. As the hot season is coming soon, winter blankets provided for cold nights when they just got evacuated will become unsuitable. So we offered a towel blanket for each evacuee.


We hope they can extricate themselves from unsettled lives in shelters as soon as possible, but we are afraid that they will have to continue living under these kinds of inconvenience for a while. As a social entrepreneur, Egao dedicated to improving the evacuees’ living conditions, and thus we are committed to assisting its efforts.

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May 26, 2016 in Kumamoto |