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Mother’s day

Mothers give their children unconditional love and are sometimes willing to make sacrifices for them. Many religions have respected and praised such mothers.

Mother’s day is a celebration to show love and gratitude to mothers. It is said that Mother’s day was established as an opportunity for children to remember their mothers and show care for them at least once a year.

The way we celebrate Mother’s day and the history of the day differ from country to country. Here in Iraq, where we are welcoming spring now, 21st March is Mother’s day. On this day, both children and adults thank their own mothers and give presents to them. People have a little celebration basked in love. Mother’s day is a day we reconfirm our love and respect for our mothers.

My country has been in a difficult situation for many years and mothers have put up with that situation. There are mothers who have lost some children and mothers who have lost their husbands. Those mothers have had to play two roles; “mother” and “father”, and have faced a difficult situation. In addition, we should not forget that many mothers have taken care of orphans as well.

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Thikra J Elias

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