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Introduction of our staffs in Colombo office

Introduction of our staffs in Colombo office

We have started our new project to assist people returning from displacement to regain their livelihood through agriculture since March 22nd, 2016. This will be our 11th year since JEN started our project in Sri Lanka.  As this year will conclude our agricultural livelihood project in Northern part of Sri Lanka, all of the staffs need to be united stronger than ever.  Now, we have three offices in Sri Lanka; Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Colombo.  To assist all of the staffs and the project, we have two staffs in charge of back-office services in Colombo office. Let us introduce them today. 

Jonathan-san is responsible for administration and Aparna-san is in charge of finance.  Their job is not only working with internal staffs but also keeping good relationships with the relevant government officers, banks and other organizations.  Below is their self-introduction:

I joined Japan Emergency NGO (JEN) Organization in June 2009. The main objective of joining JEN was to serve as an active member and extend the support that was needed in numerous projects they were handling to help the poor people to have a better livelihood. In 2005 JEN had many projects to support Tsunami affected areas in Southern and later in Eastern Provinces in Sri Lanka. In 2009 JEN had projects to support internally displaced people (IDP) in the Northern Province. I was privileged to work in this organization where I was a member to support the underprivileged people who were affected in the war.

My main job is Human resource management, Security management, Asset management, Procurement and stakeholder management.

Further considering new project, my goal is to do my best for JEN to support the people in the North. Also I believe it will help to develop livelihood of people in Northern Province of Sri Lanka. We Sri Lankans are thankful to JEN and people of Japan for their assistance in developing people’s lifestyle. My earnest hope is that JEN activities will expand in other parts of Sri Lanka as well.

I joined with JEN January 2010. I’m working here for past six years with wonderful International staff. Based on my interest in humanitarian work field I applied for the JEN Finance assistant post in 2010. I was really happy about that chance I got because that covers both my education experience and interest. I’m currently working as Finance Officer of JEN Colombo office. But depending on my duties I have gone to Kilinochchi, Mullaithive & Batticala projects sites several times and witnessed all good works JEN has done in war-damaged areas.

JEN work has good value in Sri Lanka because Sri Lankan Economy is based on Agriculture. JEN is helping the farmers by helping them to have a smooth supply of water for farming. When they have water they can cultivate whole year and no need to wait for rain.

About me I like animals. I have a pet dog in my home too. In my free time I really like to read books, watch English & Korean Dramas & Movies & listen to Music. And also I like to travel and watch beautiful places. In Sri Lanka there are many beautiful places to watch and most of the places have historical value. Now I‘m very happy about my life and my career goal with JEN is to get involved with their project and give my knowledge to their project in order to improve the lifestyle of the community.

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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