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DRR Refreshment Training for Master Trainers

JEN team organized two day training for master trainers regarding Disaster risk reduction (DRR). Proceedings of the training for disaster risk reduction were very interesting and greatly appreciated by the concerned department and participants. I have seen strong potential of publicizing the standard information that must be a program that could have a chance to grow further in the future.

The head of department appreciated JEN and said through your program we can take basics of safety from paper to practice.

There was a story reminded by the member of PDP (Provincial Disaster Prepares program) who said that:
it was one evening the sun was going down, darkness was coming slowly. I was walking toward river and seen a boy jumped from a wall to the ground and broke his leg. I immediately run to him and tried to help him, asked reason for the panic. He said, I was on the wall to fix some cracks. I felt that the wall is shacking. I thought earthquake is coming so I jumped. The person said I was not familiar with first aid and tried to take him to the hospital. So without any proper preparation, I just hold him on my shoulder and moved toward hospital. When I reached the hospital the doctors told me that I have made a huge mistake and carried the person without preparation and stabilizing his injured location, which resulted to bigger crack in his bone. He further added that instead of being happy that I helped someone, I was in a deep shame. From the day I promised myself to learn basic standards of providing support to others. So I have joined PDP. Although I have participated in many workshops and learned lots of things but I was not able to share my experiences with others.

Today I am happy that with support of JEN I will share my all experiences with others in my community.

[2 days DRR training session in Charikar office, JEN colleague share information regarding DRR]

[A Master Trainer who is sharing his Ideas about DRR ]

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