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Mysteries of Success in 2015 Project

Province Name: Parwan

Districts Names: Charikar center and Shinwari districts

JEN-Afghanistan team successfully implemented JPF WASH 2015 project in district Charikar and Shinwari. It was not just implementation but it was a lesson learning process and a life time experience for all JEN’s staff. After regular coordination with DoE and Department of finance, JEN conducted a need assessment survey to know about community needs (WASH & Non WASH of schools). After project approval and informing DoE, we (Engineering team + Field Officers) went to have a site visit in targeted areas and had a long discussion with school administration and community leaders. In the meeting we briefed them regarding JEN vision, mission and goals/ objectives of the program (WASH+ Non WASH of Schools). We also gave them orientation of the program, community contribution, introducing construction companies and information sharing.
At the end of the session JEN, Community, School administration and DoE responsible person established a committee (Establishment of SMC) and signed a tripartite agreement.

During implementation of the project we carried out daily monitoring, weekly meetings with contractors, (discussion of progress of work, quality and quantity of construction according to specification of MoE), Risk management, weekly reports, Progress of work, supervision and evaluation.

As our operation areas were critical and complicated, we established strong coordination with community, stake holders and DoE due to which JEN was able to implement these projects.

Due to the transparency in JEN program, direct and indirect beneficiaries in the community appreciate JEN’s efforts and especially high quality of construction work.

The success of our construction projects was the result of JEN team great struggle and hard work, cooperation with each other, high inspiration and motivation to achieve goals and desire to help all vulnerable Afghan people in the target area to have a bright future for them.

[Project information meeting with SMC and DOE representative in Shinwari district]

[Project layout of 6 class room building for Faiz Muhammad boy middle school in Shinwari district]

[View of Wooden truss work of Faiz Muhammad boys middle school in Shinwari district]

[Elegant view of 8 class room building of Darul Alum Markaz Parwan high school in charikar center]

Shir Ali
JEN Afghanistan  Chief Engineer

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