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Looking back our activity in 2015

JEN is providing support to Afghanistan from the last so many years. Currently JEN is facilitating in Parwan province.
In 2015 JEN constructed water supplies and sanitary facilities, and school facilities in 3 schools in two districts of Parwan province. In total 2354 students and 72 teachers are the direct beneficiaries of JEN project. 
Apart from that, Hygiene education workshop targeting 1,046 teachers and 31,952 students from 20 schools in Charikar District were conducted in order to disseminate and establish hygienic practices. In total 31952 students, 1046 teaching staff and 118 Mullahs received these training. The basic aim is that through these mullahs the message will be spread to the masses in the mosques during prayer sermons.
In 2015 JEN established and trained SMCs (School management committee) SMC in 21 schools to disseminate the concept of hygiene education to low grade students in a more easy and convenient way.

【A student answering a question after watching Mobile Cinema】

Apart from that through Dream Bags project, JEN distributed stationery and toys to children of Afghanistan this year again. This year, we distributed to 5,090 children of 17 schools in Charikar district.  By receiving dream bags students were motivated to attend the classes regularly which have a positive impact on the quality of education.

【Students received Dream bags】

Apart from relief operation, JEN provided heating materials to 625 earth quake affected families in district Kishm of Badakhshan province and 235 affected families in Baghlan province. The affected community was facilitated by providing heating materials as people were prone to the harsh winter in the area.

【Heating material that JEN distributed 】

【Interview from affected people after distribution of heating material】

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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