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Let’s Go Visit Disaster Sites

Five years have passed since the Great East Earthquake.

While “Intensive Reconstruction Period” set by the central government ends at the end of March, 2016, disaster sites have to make continued efforts to tackle recovery. The reality of recovery together with growing outflow of people from the disaster sites following the devastation is filling locals anxiety over whether their communities can sustain.

At the “Disaster Prevention Forum 2016” held at Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture on March 16, we heard the following messages come from a group working on local revitalization.

“Some visitors say ‘Sorry for coming to visit here so late.’ But it’s an enormous support for us that people continue visiting disaster sites.”
“I often hear people say ‘I get a feeling that visiting and seeing disaster sites will make locals unpleasant’. But I want those people to come here and learn how horrible the disaster is and how powerfully recovery is rolling forward.’”
“I want those people to visit disaster sites. I want the disaster sites to be their adopted hometowns.”

The city of Rikuzentakata, one of the worst-hit areas in Iwate Prefecture, revealed its comprehensive package, “Vision on Demographic Policy and Comprehensive Redevelopment Strategy for Improving Living Basics” in February, 2016. The package delivers a vision to address increasing the number of its supporters who love and keep coming to Rikuzentakata.

The eastern region on the Pacific Ocean have had the strength to withstand devastating disasters. Delicious cuisine comprised of local food from the ocean or the mountains will await you. Travel agencies or NPO’s are offering a lot of tours that go around the affected areas.

Please visit disaster sites!


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