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Agriculture Exhibition Visit in Mannar District

On March 14, the staff of JEN visited the agricultural exhibition by the Northern Province Department of Agriculture in Mannar district. Some other project participants visited as part of a workshop to learn new skills
The theme of the exhibition was “Bringing Eco-friendly Agriculture to the Market” and it mainly featured/showcased water-saving technology such as aquaculture methods, trickle cultivation and sprinklers, various planting techniques, crop disease, and cultivation technology.

We especially took interest in drip technology (by slowly providing water directly to the surface of the soil and the root area, it is an irrigation system that minimizes the consumption of water and fertilizer). We hope that we can promote improvements in water management, organic farming, and the use of new crop species.

In addition, we inspected many cooperatives. These unions produce dry foods and products made from coconuts as well. JEN donated dry food producing units in the current project; it was stimulating for the project participants to witness the success of the machines.

[Different ways to produce fertilizers]
[Planting at the Greenhouse]

[Dry Food Producing Units that use Solar Energy]

The Deputy Secretary of Kilinochchi District and Mullativu District also attended the exhibition, as well as research companies and organizations – who introduced new types of crops and species preservation technology. Mr.Kirushunan, one of the project members and exhibition participants, was impressed by the variety of dry foods that other cooperatives were selling. Mr. Kirushunan makes dry foods for his household now, and he says he would be able to produce enough to sell to neighboring villages with improved methods. The JEN staff and the project participants plan to study methods for packing these dry foods in the future.

JEN believes that supporting the project participants who experiment with the new methods acquired from the exhibition supports community strengthening. This exhibition was an important opportunity to learn new skills and share the latest knowledge with the project participants.

Furthermore, it was a wonderful and productive day under the sun!

[The JEN Team at the exhibition]

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