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Special Year-End and New Year Holidays

Christmas and New Year’s Celebration in Iraq this year was very different from previous years for various reasons.

Christmas and the Prophet’s Birthday, which are important festivals for Christians and Muslims respectively, coincided in 2015.

In addition, a town was released from the armed group, it had one after another. The town got in a more festive mood than ever before.

Big Christmas trees were decorated in many areas of the capital, Bagdad; such as the tallest Christmas tree in the Middle East, which measured over 25 meters.

In other towns, for example, Najaf was the same festive mood. Najaf is a place where many strict Muslim lives.

For Iraqi people, the Year-End Celebration is a time to the rest to heal daily fatigue. It is also a time to meet family who live separately, exchange presents and foster affection and tolerant feelings.

We hope 2016 will be a year filled with peace, love and kindness.


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February 4, 2016 in Iraq |