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Role and importance of JEN hygiene education program on student’s hygiene habits

JEN is conducting hygiene education program in targeted area since 2011. The basic purpose of JEN hygiene program is to impart and aware students about safe hygienic practices. It is observed that JEN hygiene education program transmitted safe hygienic habits and attitude in students in the previous years. The students adopted these habits in their daily lives. Also it is observed that students further transmit this knowledge to their parents and community. Various surveys by JEN show that hygiene education program has a very positive impact in improving the hygiene habits of the students.

This year JEN conducted hygiene education program in 20 schools in district Charikar. In total 31,952 students and 1,046 teachers got knowledge and awareness regarding hygiene education. Apart from that 118 mullahs were also trained on hygiene education. It is expected that through mullahs the concept will be circulated among the masses. Mullahs discuss the importance of hygiene in the mosque to aware more people.

Pre & Post Kap data was conducted in 20 schools in district Charikar in 2015. The purpose is to measure the impact of JEN hygiene education program in 2015. The results are very encouraging and show the huge success of hygiene education program. The results are briefly discussed in the following lines. In total 200 students from 20 schools of district Charikar were targeted in 2015. Like each year Pre Kap survey was conducted in April 2015. According to Pre Kap survey, before JEN intervention 0 students were placed in the high level which was very alarming. The results further showed that before JEN intervention, 37 students were in the middle level while 163 students were placed in the low level on the basis of JEN Pre Kap survey.

Afghan field staff conducted post Kap survey in November to find out the positive impacts of JEN hygiene education Program. Basic aim of the Post Kap is to measure the change in student’s knowledge, attitudes and practices as a result of JEN hygiene education program. The survey showed that 191 students are now in the high level, comparing to the 0 in the Pre Kap survey. The number of students in the low category reduced from 163 to 0.

The above mentioned figures showed that JEN hygiene education program is a huge success and plays a very important role in correcting the hygiene habits of the students.

[View of students during monitoring of Hygiene education practice and knowledge in class in district Charikar.]

[Students are practically Making ORS during Hygiene education monitoring in Darul Alum Markaz Parwan High School in Charikar district]

[A student cutting his nails during Hygiene education activities monitoring in Isteqlal High School in District Charikar]

Hanief Khan, 
Senior Program Assistant, 
JEN Islamabad 

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