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Livestock Development Project by MOFA-JAPAN in Bara Khyber Agency FATA

JEN has got 1 year livestock development project for the returnees of Bara, Khyber Agency. The aim of the project is to provide returnees in Bara Khyber Agency with the livestock sector in order to help them recover their economies. For this purpose, JEN is in coordination with key stakeholders including Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Unit of FATA Secretariat, and Livestock Department FATA, from planning phase of the project. This project has now been approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs-JAPAN and all the stakeholders have assured their support to JEN for successful project implementation.

The project is comprised of activities having short, medium and long term impact for the beneficiaries. Provision of livestock feed supplement and vaccination & de-worming are aimed for immediate maintenance and medium term protection of the livestock. Restocking of local cows to the most vulnerable families is meant to recover their livelihoods. Capacity building on Artificial Insemination, livestock feed preparation and livestock management will target long term needs of the beneficiaries’ livestock.

Youth of the target area will be trained to link beneficiaries with markets and start an enabling environment for economic recovery.  Livelihood Recovery Committees will be formed to sustain the project impact after JEN evacuation from the target area.


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February 12, 2016 in Pakistan |