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Interview with Beneficiary regarding Heating Materials distribution

Name: Khalifa Aziz
Age:  43
Village: Wakhshe


As you know that all Afghanistan was jolted by the heavy earthquake, which badly impacted Badakhshan province. In that time I was in Kabul where I was working with a construction company as a daily labor. After the earthquake I was trying to call my family and ask about them. I was worried because the mobile network was not working, after few hours I received a call from my daughter who said our house was collapsed but they all were fine (Thanks God!).

On the day after, I arrived to my village and met my family who were living in my sister-in-law’s house. On the next day I found a rental house in Kesham district bazaar and transfered my family there.
It is really hard to leave your lovely village, lost house and live in a rental house in such a cold winter.

I am so thankful to JEN who distributed us heating materials (woods, coals and stove) in this totally cold condition.  It is not that only I needed heating materials but actually all of the beneficiaries who were struck by the quake really need it.

Now I am not worried about winter which I believe I can pass through it. The main concern is that I have to reconstruct my house which I cannot afford. I will borrow money from someone and start my home construction.

I would like to thank JEN once again for all their effort and struggle in this regards and I hope JEN will also assist us for shelters construction too.

[Khalifa Aziz with his children]

[Khalifa Aziz while talking about impact of heating materials distributed by JEN]


Hameedullah “Hamid”
Senior Field Officer

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

February 4, 2016 in Afghanistan |