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Handover of ownership to dry food producers' agricultural cooperative association





On January 28, we had a ceremony at an agricultural cooperative center in the Othiyamallai Grama Nidarari Division (Othiyamallai GND).

This area is located at a prefectural boundary and isolated from major roads. The village people, as well as people from other villages, were evacuated during a civil war, and just about half of the population has returned. There was no support from other aid organizations so far. For this reason, JEN selected the area to fill the gap of support.

JEN supported the establishment of an agricultural cooperative association with which the village people, as a unit, can contribute to the development of their area. We built a dry food center to improve profitability and strengthen the community. In addition, we provided training of food processing and organization management to support their operation.



After having provided various forms of support to the agricultural cooperative association, the day finally came: to officially hand over JEN’s ownership to the association.

The program officer, the project officer and the filed officer from JEN attended the ceremony. The followings also participated: the head of local administrative section, the officer responsible for developing the economy, the principle of the area, 20 households which are participating in the JEN’s project directly and 32 households which are participating in JEN’s project indirectly.



To mark the opening of the ceremony, the program officer cut a ribbon, and then passed a book to manage the association and a notebook for the operation record to the leader of the association.



Next, we held a ceremony to plant perennial plants around the dry food center.


And then, we signed MoU that defines the scope of duties and responsibilities of the association and the administrative office. JEN completed the official hand over to the dry food agricultural cooperative association.

All the participants were strongly interested in this new step for the association and expressed their gratitude to JEN. It was a very exciting event.

I also have worked with people in Othiyamallai GND to strengthen the community and develop the area for a year. Our efforts seem to have paid off. I also feel very happy with this result.


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