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A letter from a girl regarding getting Dream bags

I am Hadissa a girl like other girls in the world. I never saw the face of Barbie, I have never known what a bunch of pencil means and I have never had two notebooks. I know other children in the other part of world have access to all what I lack but I am happy.

In the morning I tied up my books with a small rope which I always keep, wore my school uniform which has many holes. I always dream if I had a doll, if I had so many pencils, if I had notebooks. I walked through the path way which crosses from grape trees and bushes to my newly built school, in the yard of school so many flowers are planted, water flow is ongoing endless. My dog found a corner in the school and stood there waiting for my return.

I entered my class room located at left hand on the second room in the long corridor. Teacher was already in the class, he continued talking about the subject and at end he announced; all student should wait as we have a surprise for all of you. We were waiting while regretting the time we lose for play outside the class.

Two gentlemen entered the room. We know them, as they are coming with cinema and coming to ask us if we are washing our hands with soap and reminding all of us to make sure we wash our teeth. They brought cartons to the class and took out little color full bags. They said these bags are called (Dream Bags). I was very eager to find out what is in the dream bag. Teacher told me Hadissa open your bag, I was the first person to open my bag, I have slowly started to open my bag.

Oh My God! 

A big bunch of color pencils, Pens, pencils, handkerchief and a glass. Five little dolls which introduced by teacher to me, the little girl was Barbie, the name of little deer was Poh. Deferent types of notebooks, more importantly a color full card in which something was written in English which I was not able to read it. Those who brought the dream bags took the card and read it.
The message was that “I love you from Japan. I wish one day you will have peace and education.”

All my dreams come true and were not able to control myself. The teacher was thinking I am crying because I am not happy with my bag. I was crying because what I have dreamed that someone felt it far away and gathered all my dreams putted in a lovely bag and sent it to me. It is not just a bag but what
I have is a pure love of humanity which I am sending through this letter to you my best friends in Japan and remember I love you from Afghanistan.

【Hadissa while opening the dream bag and take out bunch of color pencils】

【Hadissa while talking about her dreams】

Hameedullah “Hamid” 
Senior Field Officer 

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February 25, 2016 in Afghanistan |