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Work of Beneficiaries Identification Committee and its effect

In order to deliver the most effective services as quickly as possible to those who are affected by the earthquake, JEN established a beneficiaries Identification committee (BIC) which included 4 persons (2 from JEN, 1 from ANDMA and 1 district representative). The procedure as such had never taken by any organization in the province of Badakhshan.

The BIC takes much responsibility. For example, they facilitate community mobilization, gathering of beneficiaries to a main point in a village, verification of beneficiaries, Introduction of JEN and orientation of earthquake emergency project in Badakhshan. They make and distribute coupons for items. They are also present at the time of distribution to help and facilitate the smooth distribution process.



Badakhshan have harsh weather and JEN team mission to field was not that easy but it was a great way to distribute coupons and to have close communication with community. The people in the community see the work of JEN and BIC and appreciate our work. 

This will pave the way for friendship between JEN and community.


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January 7, 2016 in Afghanistan |