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What is needed to where it’s needed

This is the story of Gul Sana Bibi (widow) living in district Shangla. She is 74 years old and having one son and one daughter. Without enough resources, the daughter has grown up with her mental disability. Her son, who is not educated due to their poverty, does some daily wage work within the village whenever there is availability. Mostly the surrounding community supports them in their living.

At the time of earthquake of 26th October, the family was coming out of their home. As soon as they were out, a powerful jolt brought down their home. During that time her daughter’s leg was injured due to falling of stones and wood of their home. This was a terrible time for their family as their house was the only thing belongs to them.

They took shelter for some time in one of the neighbor’s house which luckily didn’t collapse during the earthquake. After one month they received tent from district authorities but the tent was for a normal weather so was not winterized. They were facing a tough winter season.

When JEN informed her about the package details what JEN will distribute, she became happy.  But then she requested that she needed shelter as the tent couldn’t sustain if the weather became severer.
JEN staff shared her request with one of the local organizations who was going to start their project on shelters, and they informed back that her shelter will be first one as soon as they start the project activities.

This is one story narrated from one of the target areas of JEN intervention: Even though Gul Sana Bibi had already received a tent, it was not sufficient. It means that support from merely one authority of organization is not even close to enough for normal life. Unfortunately, families like Gul Sana Bibi are not minority in Pakistan.

Because JEN aims to bring back the normalcy to people’s lives as quick as possible, we will continue cooperation with concerned authorities and organizations in order and  deliver what is needed to where it’s needed.


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January 7, 2016 in Pakistan |