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The challenges and JEN

JEN has initiated its project to support the earthquake affected people of district Shangla in November, 2015. The very difficult terrain of the area made it very challenging to reach out for the most vulnerable people. The winter season already started which created more vulnerabilities of the people.

During assessment the bad weather conditions posed a serious challenge to reach the earthquake affected population. It was rainy weather with snowfall time to time in district Shangla. The concrete roads were good to travel but the unpaved roads were not possible for journey. The land sliding was a threat which could have delayed reaching the targeted areas. Luckily, no such land sliding occurred during the project implementation. Many aftershocks also hit the areas in which two were powerful jolts i.e. on rectal scale the magnitude reached to 6. Although the damages were not high, it remained and still is a serious challenge for working in the targeted areas.

It was the enthusiasm and commitment of JEN staff to cover the delays occurred due to the unavoidable challenges. JEN is in the final stage of providing the NFI packages (winterized kits, kitchen sets and tarpaulin sheets) to the beneficiaries. It will uphold the dignity and respect of the beneficiaries.

[People living in tents]

[Beneficiaries with a coupon and distirbution items in a truck]

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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