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Thank you for having supported us for 6 years

Our support in Haiti will finish by January 2016. We greatly appreciate the support we have received from everyone up to now.

JEN started supporting activities in Haiti on 16th January in 2010. The activities started in Grand Goave and Leogane, which are the districts that were hardest hit by the Haiti Earthquake on 12th January in 2010. JEN provided emergency shelter aid, consisting of galvanized iron sheets, hammers, nails etc, to 4700 affected households.

In May 2010, JEN started a Water sanitary project, which included activities such as the restoration and construction of water supply facilities, the establishment and training of Water management committees and sanitary education.

The condition of Haiti is getting better compared to that of 6 years ago just after the earthquake hit. However, even before the earthquake, it has been said that Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Thus, there should be room for further development, such as basic infrastructure in this country.

JEN is leaving Haiti, during the projects, we met many locally people and so we hope they would continue to contribute to the development of Haiti in the future.

Once again, we are deeply grateful to all the support we have received over the past 6 years.

[JEN staff who is in charge of sanitary education at Rara festival]

[Volunteer staff who finished training for sanitary education with JEN staff]

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