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Interview with Makhdom regarding Heating Material (NFI) distributionName: Makhdom

Name: Makhdom

Age: 39


5 years ago I returned from Iran to my home land with my family. Last year whatever I had, I spent and newly constructed 2 rooms to have a good life.

I started my new life in new house and was very ambitious about my future that I will have a happy life with my family, but the earth quake buried my ambitions under soil. I am thankful to God and feel happy that I did not lose my family members.

Now I am living with my brother who gave me a room to settle. Before I receive JEN’s NFI kit we were burning wooden poles and wooden boards from the newly built home for fire purpose and heating of room.
I am so thankful to JEN and Japanese people for distribution of heating materials to us to solve our problems and have a good winter.

After winter I am going to start work on my home reconstruction again and I hope that Government of Afghanistan or INGOs like you (JEN) will assist me in this regards to start my life normally once again.

[Makhdom House which was destroyed by 26 October Earthquake]

[Makhdom with his mother while talking about JEN’s NFI kit]

Inayatullah “Hashimi”
Project Manager

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

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