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Interview with Noor Mohammad regarding Heating Material distribution

Name: Noor Mohammad   
Age: 71


“I am so thankful to JEN and Japanese people who provided me and my villagers with heating material (Stove, Fire-Wood and Coal) in this winter.

The reality is that the last earthquake struck my house very hard and destroyed boundary wall as well as one room of my home. It is not that I am afraid to die but I am worried about my orphaned grand-children who lost their father 2 years ago in a conflict between Armed forces and ANA (Afghan National Army).

My family consists of 11 people. One of my sons who is working in a company sends us money every 4 months, which is the only source of income,” He smiled as he was thinking about his son.

“After receiving this kit I am relieved that at least now we can protect ourselves from harsh and cold weather. But now I am worried about my house reconstruction because I cannot afford the expenses of construction.”

“I really hope that the government or one of international NGOs will provides shelter for me and my other villagers who are affected by the earthquake. We need shelter, WASH support, education, livelihood and infrastructure such as road and bridge and heartily request JEN to provide assistance in this regards.”

In the end of interview he once again thanked JEN for providing heating material kits.

[Noor Mohammad while giving finger print in beneficiaries list during NFI distribution.]

[Noor Mohammad while recieving NFI kit during distribution]


Hameedullah “Hamid”
Senior Field Officer

【JEN is now accepting donations. Your help would be very much appreciated.

January 21, 2016 in Afghanistan |