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Struggling for Better Future

Mr. Noor Qayaz Khan is a permanent resident of North Waziristan agency. He is 40 years old and has 5 sons and 4 daughters.  His family migrated to the tented Camp in Bakka Khel established by Government of Pakistan due to conflict in North Waziristan agency and get registered with UNHCR.

Noor Qayaz was working as laborer in North Waziristan agency but after displacement his economic position got worst and totally dependent on WFP food items and other humanitarian AID. JEN registered his family for livestock feed supplement and shelter. 

He has one cow in camp and after three months he started selling tea, boiled eggs and local biscuits , candies etc in front of Bakka Khell camp. His stall is in public waiting area for the people who wait for entering in camp and it is also a car parking area so it is also a recreational place for the people, the people sit together in his stall with a cup of milk tea and share their problems and solutions etc. 

He uses the milk of his own cow for milk tea and earn approximately PKR 7500 per month, this income doesn’t meet the needs of his family.   

He is now trying to expand his business to large level at Bannu district market to create better future for his family

[Noor's stall in front of parking area]

[Noor (middle), JEN staff, and a customer in his tea stall]

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January 28, 2016 in Pakistan |

Interview with Makhdom regarding Heating Material (NFI) distributionName: Makhdom

Name: Makhdom

Age: 39


5 years ago I returned from Iran to my home land with my family. Last year whatever I had, I spent and newly constructed 2 rooms to have a good life.

I started my new life in new house and was very ambitious about my future that I will have a happy life with my family, but the earth quake buried my ambitions under soil. I am thankful to God and feel happy that I did not lose my family members.

Now I am living with my brother who gave me a room to settle. Before I receive JEN’s NFI kit we were burning wooden poles and wooden boards from the newly built home for fire purpose and heating of room.
I am so thankful to JEN and Japanese people for distribution of heating materials to us to solve our problems and have a good winter.

After winter I am going to start work on my home reconstruction again and I hope that Government of Afghanistan or INGOs like you (JEN) will assist me in this regards to start my life normally once again.

[Makhdom House which was destroyed by 26 October Earthquake]

[Makhdom with his mother while talking about JEN’s NFI kit]

Inayatullah “Hashimi”
Project Manager

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January 28, 2016 in Afghanistan |


Warmth for Children

Shangla district was severely affected by the 26th October earthquake. JEN, after needs assessment in Shangla, decided to provide NFIs (non-food items). JEN, during this project, covered 770 earthquake affected families. The people in the affected areas are mostly poor and the livelihoods in general are labor/daily wage work. It was a hard time in a very tough environment and terrain however JEN reached to the most deserving affected people. JEN has provided quilts, cotton mattresses, pillows, plastic mats, tarpaulin sheets, kitchen sets, female shawls etc.

In the package, age specific items for children were also included. The items were high necks, gloves, caps, leggings and socks, and these covered age group 1-3 years, 4-8 years and 9-12 years.

During the post distribution monitoring the children were observed to wear the provided items. The temperature was touching zero in different areas and seeing children in the provided items was a memorable time. The children said that they didn’t had these clothing before and now they are wearing and this provide warmth to them.

One issue which was observed during Post-Distribution Minotiring is that cleanliness of kids clothing is not practiced. The reason is that people are not well educated and lack of awareness in the community about good hygiene practices. This issue was discussed with the parents to provide clean clothing to their children and were informed about the benefits of good hygiene practices especially for their children. They showed acceptance and commitment to provide clean clothing to their children in particular.

The project comes to its end however the happiness for JEN staff will remain especially remembering these children.

[Children use items]




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January 21, 2016 in Pakistan |

Interview with Noor Mohammad regarding Heating Material distribution

Name: Noor Mohammad   
Age: 71


“I am so thankful to JEN and Japanese people who provided me and my villagers with heating material (Stove, Fire-Wood and Coal) in this winter.

The reality is that the last earthquake struck my house very hard and destroyed boundary wall as well as one room of my home. It is not that I am afraid to die but I am worried about my orphaned grand-children who lost their father 2 years ago in a conflict between Armed forces and ANA (Afghan National Army).

My family consists of 11 people. One of my sons who is working in a company sends us money every 4 months, which is the only source of income,” He smiled as he was thinking about his son.

“After receiving this kit I am relieved that at least now we can protect ourselves from harsh and cold weather. But now I am worried about my house reconstruction because I cannot afford the expenses of construction.”

“I really hope that the government or one of international NGOs will provides shelter for me and my other villagers who are affected by the earthquake. We need shelter, WASH support, education, livelihood and infrastructure such as road and bridge and heartily request JEN to provide assistance in this regards.”

In the end of interview he once again thanked JEN for providing heating material kits.

[Noor Mohammad while giving finger print in beneficiaries list during NFI distribution.]

[Noor Mohammad while recieving NFI kit during distribution]


Hameedullah “Hamid”
Senior Field Officer

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January 21, 2016 in Afghanistan |

Ever-changing Landscapes

The year 2015 saw the start of many critical things --- for public housing built for quake victims to begin accepting them, for a public hospital and a fish market to resume, for shopping streets to turn over a new leaf, for the local railroad to fully reopen --- and the convenience of everyday life coming back. While recovery efforts continue, disaster prevention efforts are also on the way, an evacuation tower from tsunami been constructed.

In 2016, continued efforts will be made in constructing public hospitals and public housing for quake victims, conducting a survey on how to leave the remains of the quake as its monuments, and searching for missing people. According to the last census, the nuclear evacuation zone designated after the accident at Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture showed the highest population decrease rate of 100 percent, Ongawa-cho in Miyagi Prefecture 37 percent, and Otsuchi-cho in Iwate Prefecture 23.2 percent. It is the regions’ previously-existing issue made worse by the quake that the population in coastal areas is decreasing while that of inland or metropolitan areas is increasing.

【Disaster Prevention Office Building and Embankment in Minamisariku-cho: The Office left nothing but its framework is surrounded by the embankment.】

【A tower for Evacuation from Tsunami in Ishinomaki City: A temporary shelter for people who could not run to a place where tsunami water doesn’t reach.】

【Construction of New Utsumi Bridge in Ishinomaki city: Wrecked bridge is replaced with a new one.】

In 2016, five years after the quake, JEN is committed to continuing its reconstruction supports activities along with people in the affected areas. From January, we will launch a new activity based on the partnership with an organization that specializes in supporting single-parent households. We will keep you updated in next issue.

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January 21, 2016 in Tohoku Earthquake |

A workshop on Marketing in Kilinochchi district, Northern part of Sri Lanka

On December 8th last year, JEN held a workshop on marketing for 32 people who participated in the project.

In this workshop, we focused on the importance and necessity of marketing for local residents to sell their harvest effectively. The participants showed a great interest and worked on the project enthusiastically.
To encourage understanding and cooperation among the participants, we worked on the items below in the workshop:
- What is marketing?
- Where and what we sell?
- Marketing strategy

Also, we discussed a new method and a strategy of marketing such as what kind of crops we will produce during the rainy season. Through this workshop, the participants were able to obtain important skills to plan ahead for the future. For example, they learned when to produce what kind of crops in accordance with each season.
These marketing strategies should enable the locals to manage their businesses more effectively, which help them to increase their profit and income.
In the group discussion, we discussed the items below:
  How to ensure customers and consumers both in local and urban areas.
  How to decide the prices at the market.
  How to grow better quality crops.
  How to sell their products and what issues to solve.

[Group Activity]

[JEN staff observing the activity]

At the workshop, to take proactive steps for the rain season, we explained that dried food or powdered products are in on demand.  The lecture about crops and products that can be adopted for changing weather was popular among the participants. It seemed that the marketing lecture featuring seasonal issues was helpful for the participants.

At the end of the workshop, the lecturer explained about the flour mill and the dried food factory that JEN has built, and it is possible to make their solid financial stability which would be effective growth and selling crops.

[During the lecture]

We hope that these efforts could empower and sustain the growth of the community.

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January 21, 2016 in Sri Lanka |


The challenges and JEN

JEN has initiated its project to support the earthquake affected people of district Shangla in November, 2015. The very difficult terrain of the area made it very challenging to reach out for the most vulnerable people. The winter season already started which created more vulnerabilities of the people.

During assessment the bad weather conditions posed a serious challenge to reach the earthquake affected population. It was rainy weather with snowfall time to time in district Shangla. The concrete roads were good to travel but the unpaved roads were not possible for journey. The land sliding was a threat which could have delayed reaching the targeted areas. Luckily, no such land sliding occurred during the project implementation. Many aftershocks also hit the areas in which two were powerful jolts i.e. on rectal scale the magnitude reached to 6. Although the damages were not high, it remained and still is a serious challenge for working in the targeted areas.

It was the enthusiasm and commitment of JEN staff to cover the delays occurred due to the unavoidable challenges. JEN is in the final stage of providing the NFI packages (winterized kits, kitchen sets and tarpaulin sheets) to the beneficiaries. It will uphold the dignity and respect of the beneficiaries.

[People living in tents]

[Beneficiaries with a coupon and distirbution items in a truck]

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January 14, 2016 in Pakistan |

Heavy Earthquake affected families in Kesham District

Interview with: Mohammad Asif
District: Kesham
Age: 55 years old

A powerful earthquake shacked Afghanistan on 26 October 2015. It affected many people and infrastructures in Badakhshan province.

Mohammad said “my house was cracked deeply in this heavy earthquake. We had to stay with our family members in the existing cracked house. Before that heavy earthquake happened, my young son was working as laborer in Iran.  He collected money by his hard work in order to build a simple muddy house for the family. When he returned back from Iran, we did so. We spent all his money on the construction of this newly built muddy house. But then, this earthquake happened and badly damaged our newly constructed house.”

He then continued, “after earthquake cracked my house, I couldn’t sleep all night. I feared that if I sleep the bedroom in which we live, it will be collapsed. Each morning when sun rises I am happy because we can stay out of rooms in the sun shine and can be safe from dangers of house collapse. But when night begins I count the minutes again and pray to ALLAH Almighty that my room do not collapse and protect us from cold weather.   “

“I wish I could move to a safer house, but cannot find money to rent a small house for living. There is no job for me and I cannot do hard work, because I am too old to work as a laborer. My children are much afraid of collapse of room in which we live. I am not the only person to face these problems. Many people have same problems. We request you for shelter and winterization kit so that we can protect ourselves from cold weather and collapse of our houses.”

[The resident of the house giving details of his cracked house]

[Inside view of house in which crack are very visible]

[Inside view of the cracked room which is dangerous for living]

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January 14, 2016 in Afghanistan |

Thank you for having supported us for 6 years

Our support in Haiti will finish by January 2016. We greatly appreciate the support we have received from everyone up to now.

JEN started supporting activities in Haiti on 16th January in 2010. The activities started in Grand Goave and Leogane, which are the districts that were hardest hit by the Haiti Earthquake on 12th January in 2010. JEN provided emergency shelter aid, consisting of galvanized iron sheets, hammers, nails etc, to 4700 affected households.

In May 2010, JEN started a Water sanitary project, which included activities such as the restoration and construction of water supply facilities, the establishment and training of Water management committees and sanitary education.

The condition of Haiti is getting better compared to that of 6 years ago just after the earthquake hit. However, even before the earthquake, it has been said that Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Thus, there should be room for further development, such as basic infrastructure in this country.

JEN is leaving Haiti, during the projects, we met many locally people and so we hope they would continue to contribute to the development of Haiti in the future.

Once again, we are deeply grateful to all the support we have received over the past 6 years.

[JEN staff who is in charge of sanitary education at Rara festival]

[Volunteer staff who finished training for sanitary education with JEN staff]

January 14, 2016 in Haiti |


What is needed to where it’s needed

This is the story of Gul Sana Bibi (widow) living in district Shangla. She is 74 years old and having one son and one daughter. Without enough resources, the daughter has grown up with her mental disability. Her son, who is not educated due to their poverty, does some daily wage work within the village whenever there is availability. Mostly the surrounding community supports them in their living.

At the time of earthquake of 26th October, the family was coming out of their home. As soon as they were out, a powerful jolt brought down their home. During that time her daughter’s leg was injured due to falling of stones and wood of their home. This was a terrible time for their family as their house was the only thing belongs to them.

They took shelter for some time in one of the neighbor’s house which luckily didn’t collapse during the earthquake. After one month they received tent from district authorities but the tent was for a normal weather so was not winterized. They were facing a tough winter season.

When JEN informed her about the package details what JEN will distribute, she became happy.  But then she requested that she needed shelter as the tent couldn’t sustain if the weather became severer.
JEN staff shared her request with one of the local organizations who was going to start their project on shelters, and they informed back that her shelter will be first one as soon as they start the project activities.

This is one story narrated from one of the target areas of JEN intervention: Even though Gul Sana Bibi had already received a tent, it was not sufficient. It means that support from merely one authority of organization is not even close to enough for normal life. Unfortunately, families like Gul Sana Bibi are not minority in Pakistan.

Because JEN aims to bring back the normalcy to people’s lives as quick as possible, we will continue cooperation with concerned authorities and organizations in order and  deliver what is needed to where it’s needed.


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January 7, 2016 in Pakistan |

Follow-Up Support Is the Key

Happy New Year to Our Supporters.

New Year’s Day is April 14 for the Sinhalese and the Tamils, the two kinds of people who make up majority of the Sri Lankans. So, we saw the end of the year without any year-end hurried atmosphere here in JEN’s office in Sri Lanka.
Nevertheless, in order to look back on 2015 and confirm what to do in the remaining three months of this project year, we held a meeting for all the staff involved with the projects in the northern areas.

Activities such as building wells, holding workshops and distributing agricultural items are yet to be done, but we realised our determination to make a greater effort to give follow-up support so that the people who participated in activities can sustain and make the best use of it.

For example, we will respectively make sure that Well Management Committee and Agricultural Cooperative Society are continuing their activities, that the distributed seeds and seedlings are efficiently raised, or that the people are effectively utilizing what they learned at agricultural trainings and marketing workshops. If we find some households or groups having difficulties or in trouble, we’ll help them by giving advice when needed.

Distributing items, holding workshops, building wells and founding a union are not the goal of our support. Rather, we believe that degree of success in JEN’s support depends on how carefully and effectively we could provide follow-up support.

We, the team JEN, will do our best to deliver better support in the remaining three months.


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January 7, 2016 in Sri Lanka |

Work of Beneficiaries Identification Committee and its effect

In order to deliver the most effective services as quickly as possible to those who are affected by the earthquake, JEN established a beneficiaries Identification committee (BIC) which included 4 persons (2 from JEN, 1 from ANDMA and 1 district representative). The procedure as such had never taken by any organization in the province of Badakhshan.

The BIC takes much responsibility. For example, they facilitate community mobilization, gathering of beneficiaries to a main point in a village, verification of beneficiaries, Introduction of JEN and orientation of earthquake emergency project in Badakhshan. They make and distribute coupons for items. They are also present at the time of distribution to help and facilitate the smooth distribution process.



Badakhshan have harsh weather and JEN team mission to field was not that easy but it was a great way to distribute coupons and to have close communication with community. The people in the community see the work of JEN and BIC and appreciate our work. 

This will pave the way for friendship between JEN and community.


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January 7, 2016 in Afghanistan |

A new activity

A destroyed city Sinjar

JEN will launch our activity here.


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January 7, 2016 in Iraq |