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Heavy Earthquake affected families in Kesham District

Interview with: Mohammad Asif
District: Kesham
Age: 55 years old

A powerful earthquake shacked Afghanistan on 26 October 2015. It affected many people and infrastructures in Badakhshan province.

Mohammad said “my house was cracked deeply in this heavy earthquake. We had to stay with our family members in the existing cracked house. Before that heavy earthquake happened, my young son was working as laborer in Iran.  He collected money by his hard work in order to build a simple muddy house for the family. When he returned back from Iran, we did so. We spent all his money on the construction of this newly built muddy house. But then, this earthquake happened and badly damaged our newly constructed house.”

He then continued, “after earthquake cracked my house, I couldn’t sleep all night. I feared that if I sleep the bedroom in which we live, it will be collapsed. Each morning when sun rises I am happy because we can stay out of rooms in the sun shine and can be safe from dangers of house collapse. But when night begins I count the minutes again and pray to ALLAH Almighty that my room do not collapse and protect us from cold weather.   “

“I wish I could move to a safer house, but cannot find money to rent a small house for living. There is no job for me and I cannot do hard work, because I am too old to work as a laborer. My children are much afraid of collapse of room in which we live. I am not the only person to face these problems. Many people have same problems. We request you for shelter and winterization kit so that we can protect ourselves from cold weather and collapse of our houses.”

[The resident of the house giving details of his cracked house]

[Inside view of house in which crack are very visible]

[Inside view of the cracked room which is dangerous for living]

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