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Follow-Up Support Is the Key

Happy New Year to Our Supporters.

New Year’s Day is April 14 for the Sinhalese and the Tamils, the two kinds of people who make up majority of the Sri Lankans. So, we saw the end of the year without any year-end hurried atmosphere here in JEN’s office in Sri Lanka.
Nevertheless, in order to look back on 2015 and confirm what to do in the remaining three months of this project year, we held a meeting for all the staff involved with the projects in the northern areas.

Activities such as building wells, holding workshops and distributing agricultural items are yet to be done, but we realised our determination to make a greater effort to give follow-up support so that the people who participated in activities can sustain and make the best use of it.

For example, we will respectively make sure that Well Management Committee and Agricultural Cooperative Society are continuing their activities, that the distributed seeds and seedlings are efficiently raised, or that the people are effectively utilizing what they learned at agricultural trainings and marketing workshops. If we find some households or groups having difficulties or in trouble, we’ll help them by giving advice when needed.

Distributing items, holding workshops, building wells and founding a union are not the goal of our support. Rather, we believe that degree of success in JEN’s support depends on how carefully and effectively we could provide follow-up support.

We, the team JEN, will do our best to deliver better support in the remaining three months.


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