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What matters: “Transparency like JEN”

Name: Abdul Ghafar
Age: 63
Village: Wakshe

“About 21 days ago an organization came here for distribution of food items in my village. At that time I was in a different town to go to a clinic for my grand child who had chest problem. When I returned to my village I found that my entire villagers received the kits but unfortunately I did not. When I asked about mine, one of my villagers said that I was not in the beneficiary list. This is not because I am not eligible but because they didn’t consider on existing beneficiaries list.

Till this date I was disappointed and thought you (JEN) would also be the same as the other one-missing someone and someone will be unhappy.  But I was wrong. When you announced in loudspeaker to our villagers about coupon distribution and the items you have for distribution, I got that your procedure would be 100% perfect. You called every single villagers name in front of everyone, assuring no one would be left behind. JEN was checking every beneficiary ID card individually and after that distributed coupons making sure no one would receive extra items.

I just received my coupon for now but I feel happy because I never saw this kind of distribution process which you have. It’s a great way to avoid corruption, deliver the assistance to those who are in real need and if someone asks me what is transparency I will say “transparency like JEN”. 

After that powerful earthquake I’m alive. I wish I will live for long. I may construct my house along the way and continue my normal life but I will never forget the way you people treated us. Thanks for the emergency response which you are going to provide us. Thank you.

As the interviewee said, feeling of doubt and/or tension between beneficiaries may arise if a supporting organization lacks care. JEN always strives for delivering support in complete and transparent manner so that those who receive our support would feel at ease without sense of doubt.

For coupon distribution we established “Beneficiary Identification committee (BIC)” to identify beneficiary identity, check his/her ID card then distribute coupon. The members of BIC were 4 persons (one person from district, one person from ANDMA and 2 persons from JEN).

[Coupon distribution]

[Abdul Ghafar posed with his coupon]

[Abdul Ghafar during interview]

[.Abdul Ghafar's house which hardly struck by earthquake]

Waheed Ahmad
IT, Admin Officer

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