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The Emperor’s Birthday Reception

On December 2, I participated in the Emperor’s Birthday Reception hosted by the Japanese Embassy in Haiti. More than 300 people in total attended including, Haiti officials, aid agency representatives, and Japanese people living in Haiti and all enjoyed a buffet celebration to mark the event.

At the opening of the ceremony, both the Japanese ambassador and a Haitian government representative made speeches in French.

Dishes including Japanese cuisine, and drinks such as beer, champagne and Japanese sake were served to the attendees. Sushi and tempura were included in the Japanese dishes. The meals and drinks were ordered from “Haiku,” the only Japanese restaurant in Haiti.

I’ve been to this restaurant personally where I ate a bowl of rice topped with salmon for $20 which tasted good.

It is impossible to buy raw fish for sushi in Haiti since there is no tradition of eating raw fish in this country. It is said that raw fish for sashimi and sushi is generally rather expensive in Haiti since it is ordered from markets in Miami, USA, and brought into Haiti by sea.

【National flags of Haiti and Japan, on the stage of the ceremony.】

【Japanese culture was introduced to the attendees.】

【A bowl of rice topped with salmon from “Haiku,” the only Japanese restaurant in Haiti.】

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