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Interview with the earth quake affected person in Badakhshan Province

Name: Abdul Hadi
Age: 41

Mr. Hadi is one of the people to whom JEN team conducted interview.
“Our village is one of those which are severely affected by the earth quake. I lost everything including my house but I’m pleased that my family members and other villagers are safe because nothing is important than our lives.” He now lives with his in-law family in the same village.

In the start of interview I asked him where he was going in this cold weather. He replied “I’m going to buy fire-wood because the weather is too cold and snow is falling down which may continue 2 or 3 days. I wish I could rebuild my house but I don’t have the money to do that. And now the winter has already started it is impossible even if I had the money. So at the moment, the most important thing and something I can do is to keep ourselves warm. “

All 150 famlies in his village will receive winterization kit distributed by JEN. We hope that our project will ease their hardship during this winter.

[Abdul Hadi during interview]

[Abdul Hadi while talking about Earthquake devastation in their village]

[A view of Abdul Hadi’s house which was destroyed during earthquake]

[A closer look at Abdul Hadi’s house which ruined during the earthquake]

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December 17, 2015 in Afghanistan |