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Gul Nawaz of Bara Khyber Agency

Gul Nawaz is living in Khyber Agency having 5 acre agricultural land. He was displaced from his village during the conflict for more than 06 years. When he returned back to his village his fertile land was barren due to non-cultivation for long time. As he is registered member of Farm Services Center, a part of Agriculture Department which serves farmers in various ways for promotion of agriculture, so he started reclamation his land with the support of Agriculture Department. In this he reclaimed 3 acre land for cultivation.

Althouth the land was ready for cultivation, Gul Nawaz didn’t have tools or seeds that he needed. JEN started distribution of agricultural tool kit and seeds in order to support farmers like Gul Nawaz in Khybery Agency.

JEN and our partner organizationSDO staff when selected this village for interventions then Gul Nawaz was identified and selected as beneficiary after fulfilling the selection criteria such as having large number of chidren (he has 6) . He was not quite sure during the registration process whether JEN-SDO would provide the items on time or not. However when he received the tool kit and seed package his confidence built up. He sowed the wheat seed in 01 acre land. Now the germination has already started with a good rate which brought happiness for him and his family. He showed satisfaction on the seed quality and hoping that the yield will be high enough.

He is hoping that peace and stability of the region will continue and they will once again live in harmony. He said that he had spent quite a long time away from his home and lands and he doesn’t want to leave it again.

JEN will implement our projects so that resettlement of returnees like him would be as smooth as possible.



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December 24, 2015 in Pakistan |