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District Shangla

District Shangla is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The total area of district Shangla is 1586 km2 (612 sq miles) with an estimated population of 733,000.  Shangla district consists of small valleys, and is situated between the hillocks and surrounded by high mountains. The average elevation of the district is 2000 to 3000 meters above sea level. The highest point (3,440 m) is at “Kuz Ganrshal” in the north of the district.




Shangla suffered during the past disasters of 1) 2005 earthquake and 2) 2010 floods. However the level of damages was not very high compared to other areas of the country in these disasters. During the current earthquake of 26th October 2015, Shangla has suffered major losses (both human and material) in comparison with the other disaster hit area with 49 deaths, 181 human injuries and 11395 damaged house. The main needs at the community level are shelter and protection from the harsh winter season. The temperature is dropping considerably and it is reached to 0˚C in night.

Government and humanitarian organizations has started their support to the affected people however vulnerabilities and need on the ground is high.

JEN is prepared now to support the earthquake affected people with winterized kits and the support will be provided on “as soon as possible” basis.




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