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An Event Associated with World Toilet Day

Did you know that the 19th of November was World Toilet Day established by the UN in 2013?

At the refugee camp that JEN is operating, we are thinking of holding an event associated with World Toilet Day. We are going to discuss this plan with the community hygiene promoters (CHP).

A CHP group said, ’We will teach how to use a toilet properly and cleanly’.

Another group proposed, ‘Then we will show the importance of washing hands after using the toilet, through posters and demonstration’.

Another group commented, ‘We think it is important to keep hands clean by clipping nails’.

Like this, we advanced the preparation of the program for children  in school. Upon speaking with the principle, we decided to hold the event on 8th December.

And on the event day, each CHP group visited the classrooms to give lectures.

Some teachers joined the CHPs. First, they told the students not to litter the classrooms,


next, took several students at one time to the bathroom and showed them how to use a toilet,


then, demonstrated how to wash hands in the classrooms and let the students try it.


 At the end, they checked each student’s hands

and the event concluded with teaching the students how to clip nails and the importance of keeping hands clean.


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