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Ambassador of Japan visiting JEN’s project site

A while ago JEN welcomed Ambassador and Ambassadress Suganuma of Japan to JEN’s project site in Kilinochchi.

The ongoing project is mainly funded by the Government of Japan and this visit became a great opportunity for JEN to introduce Ambassador Suganuma, who was appointed in July 2015, to our assistances.

This time, we explained about the current situation of the grinded food and dry food center of the agricultural cooperative society and the newly completed well.

Furthermore, Ambassador and Ambassadress Suganuma talked with the members of the Agricultural Cooperative Society.

We explained what kind of processed food we can make by the machineries.

The members of the Agricultural Cooperative Society who gathered to welcome the Ambassador were listening to his voice outside the grinding food center.

They observed the newly constructed well.

Ambassadress Suganuma was surprised at how large the well was.

Finally, Ambassador Suganuma gave us words of encouragement and we took a photo together.

Arisa Nishida

December 10, 2015 in Sri Lanka |