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After earthquake in Wakhshi village, Kishm District. Badakhshan

A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Afghanistan on 26 October 2015. The impact of the earthquake was felt throughout most of Afghanistan but most predominantly in Badakhshan province. Several districts such as Kishm and Baharak were affected badly.

According to the community elder of Wakhshi village, Kishm district, Badakhshan, most of the infrastructures were destroyed by this powerful earthquake. The houses in the village, which were constructed by muddy soil and plastered by straw soil, were also affected.

He added that their water supply network, which is 10 km in length, was damaged by this powerful earthquake. The pipe line was damaged on ten different parts and right now the people of this village face huge problems of supplying water. Currently they do not have safe water and they are bringing water from river by donkeys or by hand to their houses.

Heavy winter seasonal snow fall in the area is already started which further aggravate the situation. He further said that they will stay in these earthquake affected houses because they do not have any other option for their families. Staying in these damaged houses in the heavy snowfall is very dangerous.

The people in the village are currently waiting for tents that are going to be distributed by international organizations. JEN will provide winterization materials such as coals and blankets as soon as procurement is finished.

[Community Elder, Haji Din Mohammad from Wakhshi Village stands inside his cracked house by earthquake]

[Water supply network of Wakhshi village was damaged by powerful Earthquake]

[In Wakhshi village house was destroyed by Earthquake]

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