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Well rehabilitation in newly liberated areas

In August 2015, JEN conducted well rehabilitation in newly liberated area in Iraqi Kurdistan. As natural water source in many parts of Kurdistan is limited, residents depend on deep wells to provide water that they need for everyday use. However, many of the wells have been damaged making it more difficult for IDPs to return to their villages.

Currently, there are around 35 wells in the villages JEN has considered, but out of them, only 11 wells are functional.  These wells are connected to a main water reservoir for the village, which can be 20 to 30 meters high, so when there are not enough functional wells, they cannot produce enough water pressure to fill the reservoirs. If the reservoirs cannot be filled, water cannot be delivered through the water network. Out of the six villages JEN considered, we decided to work on two wells that provide water to a village that has around 500 returnees. 

[Water reservoir for the village]

[Damaged well]

Reasons that the wells are not working vary from a well to another. Some wells have a burnt motor from overuse, some have damaged pumps, others just have damaged cables or switch boxes to turn the well on. Therefore, JEN field staff and engineer visited the wells with a group of electricians and technicians to first assess the damage, and then to repair the wells with necessary equipment. This time, all parts, including the motor, pump, cables and the switchbox were replaced for the first well and just the pump was replaced for the other well.

[Workers replacing the pump]

The wells are now functional and are able to provide water into the village’s water reservoir and to the village itself. JEN plans to continue the well rehabilitation work, in coordination with the Ninewa governorate water department to prepare necessary water infrastructure for when people begin to return to their villages.

[Water came out of the well!]

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