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We will meet again

Hello, this is the Namaste team.

There is the Tihar festival in Nepal this week, so the town is very lively. Because of the festival, the Nepalese take a break from work and spend time with their family, but the staffs of JEN went to the village of Bhimtal in Sindhupalchok county for monitoring.

Through the monitoring, we found out that the living necessities, bedding, and school supplies we had distributed to the villagers and students were used with great care.

Before JEN had distributed beddings, there were people who had slept on a piece of plastic sheet on the floor of their temporary housing. Now, the parents and the child have to share the mattress that JEN provided, but they happily told as how they are sleeping better than they were when they were sleeping on a plastic sheet.

As for the living necessities, the people use them everyday but store them with care so they can be used for special occasions as well.

JEN was able to distribute living necessities, bedding, and goods to 1570 households and iron sheets to 154 households. We also distributed school supplies to 2600 students. Even still, many Nepalese are living in with no housing and living supplies.

JEN’s activities at Nepal will end mid-November but with the help of other charities of Nepal, we will continue to aid them. Next week, JEN staff from Tokyo will go on a business trip to Nepal, and we will report to you the voices of the local Nepalese in more detail.

[Receiving the bedding to bring back to their house]

[Students using their precious school supplies]

Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

November 12, 2015 in Nepal |