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Launch of the emergency assistance for Afghanistan earthquake

As many people know, a massive earthquake occurred on 26th October 2015 in Afghanistan. Since the hard winter season will start soon, we decided to launch the emergency assistance for Afghanistan to support the affected people.

Firstly, JEN team visited Kapisa province to assess the initial damage on November 4th 2015. JEN team attended a meeting which was chaired by the head of Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA).


In the meeting the head of ANDMA shared the detail of damages caused by the earthquake. At the meeting the head of ANDMA said that in Khoshi village a soil hill has got crack during the earthquake and created a serious threat to the 45 houses located at the bottom of the hill.  They recommended that houses located in the area must evacuate, as cracks will develop further and land slide will occur during this winter.

JEN team accompanied by the head of ANDMA visited the location and found out that cracks were more than 25 cm wide and 65m long. This creates a threat to the houses located nearby. The people who live in such a dangerous place just need the emergency assistance now.




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