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Kiosk-type Water Facility No.5 Construction is Complete

JEN’s Haiti Office is now working on a water hygiene project. This project is centered on the Leogane and Grand Goave communes, which were struck hard during the 2010 earthquake.
In Bas Gerard area where is a part of Grand Goave commune, we have installed one kiosk-type water facility. Also, because the area lacked water pipes, we extended the pipes an extra 200 meters to pull water to the water facility.

This 5th kiosk tower will be used by 35 households living in Bas Gerard area as well as 15 households from two other communities living around the area. As soon as the construction finished, the residents came to get water. Before, the residents had to walk 20-30 minutes to fetch water from the 4th kiosk tower. This time has now been shortened as a result of the new water facility.

The finished kiosk-type water facility is now run by the local water management committee, and will be maintained and managed by the residents themselves in the future.




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November 26, 2015 in Haiti |