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Humanitarian aids for the people of Badakhshan

A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Afghanistan and Pakistan on 26, Oct, 2015 which caused 115 fatalities, 524 people injured, 6,929 houses destroyed in Afghanistan. (UNOCHA 12 November 2015) Badakhshan is one of the most critically impacted earthquake-affected provinces in Afghanistan.

Due to security concern, lack of communication and difficult terrains approximately 20% assessment remained in Badakhshan which is still a challenge. The 80% of assessment verified that the affected people are in crucial situation who are in need of humanitarian assistance and their urgency identified as Food Items, Non-Food Items, Winterization and Hygiene kits, Shelters and Healthcare to be provided immediately.

Unfortunately the expectation is that the affected people will face comprehensive risks which may cause another tragedy in Badakhshan, because Badakhshan province has harsh winter and most often affect by natural disasters like avalanches, landslides, snowstorms and floods. The clock is ticking and the people who have lost their homes and related morbidity need immediate support to ensure their safety and well-being during upcoming winter.

The government is leading assessment and response efforts to all disasters in Afghanistan, but has less capacity to cover entirely, thus far the United Nations and its humanitarian partners in Afghanistan are supporting the government to assess and respond to people impacted by the quake. To provide long-term recovery and resilience of earthquake for affected people it is needed the provision of humanitarian assistance in Badakhshan.

Hameedullah “Hamid”
Senior Field Officer

[ The disable Household whose house damaged (Baharak district-Badakhshan).]

[ Completely destroyed house struck by Earthquake (Baharak district-Badakhshan).]

[ Earthquake affected elder who are presently living in a tent (Kesham district-Badakhshan) ]

[ Earthquake struck family members whose house damaged (Shohada district Badakhshan).]

[ Ruined houses struck by earthquake (Kesham district-Badakhshan)]

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