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Assessment in Badakhshan Province

The assessment of earthquake affected people is ongoing in the four earthquake affected provinces (Badakhshan, Kapisa, Takhar and Baghlan provinces). Badakhshan was the most affected of all these. According to UNOCHA latest report 12 people were killed, 20 wounded while 2,344 houses were damaged in Badakhshan province.

[Majority of the houses were destroyed due to the earthquake in village bulbul Dara, district Kesham, Badakhshan province]

[A view of completely destroyed house in village Wakhshi, District Kesham, Badakhshan province]

Afghan team reached to Badakhshan province on November 5th. Then we conducted meetings with local authorities to confirm latest information and visited the area to have site assessment of the affected individuals. We will make good use of this information obtained by the assessment for our emergency support activities.

[JEN assessment team is visiting the affected areas in village Wakhshi, District Kesham, Badakhshan province]

[An elder person standing alongside his damaged house in village charmaghz, district Kesham, Badakhshan province]

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