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26th October earthquake

On 26th October 2015 a powerful earthquake magnitude of 7.5 hit Afghanistan and Pakistan. The earthquake caused 280 deaths, 1,982 injured and damaged 103,268 houses in Pakistan. The majority of damages occurred in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where death are 232, injured 1,577 and 89,102 houses were damaged. (National Disaster Management Authority, 09/11/2015)

This earthquake reminded us of the 8th October 2005 earthquake of Kashmir and of northern areas of Pakistan. The same types of vulnerabilities are reported and the needs are very similar to the previous ones. Although the scale of damages is not that much high as it was in 2005, however still the most affected areas gave the same picture as of 2005.

JEN worked for 3 years in Kahsmir to support the earthquake victims and survivors. JEN supported people with emergency relief items and provided support in the education sector throughout that period. The affected people of the current earthquake are also in extremely vulnerable conditions. The winter season already started and many people are under the clear sky. The people need to be addressed quickly to minimize the adverse effects of disaster and harsh weather. The higher needs of the people are warm clothing, shelter and other supplies. The government and other humanitarian organizations have just started to support the people, however there is a long journey ahead to recover the lives of the people and for building the system of disaster risk reduction.


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