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With people in Nepal

It has been half a year since the earthquake in Nepal took place. Unfortunately, still over five hundred thousand citizen are desire aid shelter and daily necessities and living under the circumstance with insufficient food.

This week, supplies were provided to 260 households to the village of Tanapathi of the district of Nuwakot who were not able receive daily necessities and bedding because of the rainy seasons.  The villagers are prepared for the coldness with blankets and mats so that they can survive this cold coming winter.

[A woman who received a package of living items]

Furthermore, JEN asked for cooperation to the NGO staff in RAPARUTE, the village develop committee which represents the village administrative organization to select distribution items, operate distribution and monitor for their activities in Nepal.

Since the project was planned from the beginning to the stage of monitoring with the collaboration of the local NGO and the villagers with JEN. Therefore, this became an opportunity to experience a new action for the local NGO staff and villagers.

We hope that the staff of LALUPATE are able to take action efficiently and recalls their procedure they experienced with JEN. They are expected to be able to carry out, such as purchasing distribution goods on a scheduled time line from the suppliers, distributing based on the time line and so on.

When JEN correspondence to these natural disaster area, JEN always trying to collaborate with the local people and to promote their ability. This will help the local people ability to correspondence and prevent natural disaster by themselves. JEN is supporting to bring up the ability of the local people leads to support themselves.

[Children in school]

Your kind contribution will be delivered to people who were affected by the disaster through JEN.

October 15, 2015 in Nepal |